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Meet A Woman Who Moves Powerfully: Kaila!💜

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


Meet Alabama State University Alum who now works powerfully as a school Academic Advisor in Ohio, Kaila!

Kaila is an avid supporter of the Women Move Powerfully Movement ✝ and recently shared what Women Moving Powerfully means to her:

Women Move Powerfully means to me just knowing that there are people willing to help, no matter what is going on, and bringing awareness about serious issues.

When asked, "How do you Move Powerfully?" Kaila responded:

I think I Move Powerfully day to day by just [being] willing to hear people where they are and offer up as much support as I can, especially to women because we are often overlooked when it comes to our abilities.

Kaila finds being an Academic Advisor rewarding as she continues to make a difference in the lives of the students she advises day to day.

Although Kaila is in another state, she is aware of the disparities and hardships faced by the homeless in Los Angeles County.

Kaila supports The WMP Movement and our efforts in dedicating time and resources to make a difference in the homeless community here in Los Angeles and its' surrounding regions.

Women Move Powerfully greatly appreciates your contributions Kaila - both to this MOVEMENT and in your respective role as you advise your students daily!

Thank you for all that you do and the many ways you are Moving Powerfully within your own community!

We Salute you and extend a heartfelt thanks! 💜

Kaila is pictured wearing her #WMP T-Shirt W/ Grey logo PROUDLY and we love how she's REPRESENTING... while Moving Powerfully!!!

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