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Meet A Woman Who Moves Powerfully: Dr. Hicks-Houston!!! 💜

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


Meet retired Registered Dental Hygienist, Wife & Mother from Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Tanya Hicks-Houston!!!

Dr. Hicks-Houston is an avid supporter of the Women Move Powerfully Movement ✝ and recently shared what Women Moving Powerfully means to her:

As I look at the logo for WMP, I noticed the 3 women have straight backs and their heads held high. A strong presence moving forward with a purpose ready to control and influence powerfully and positively. Be it raising a family, working in the community or career oriented, she is continuously moving to better her surroundings.

When asked, "How do you Move Powerfully?" Dr. Hicks-Houston responded:

I start my day Moving Powerfully by recognizing my GOD and Creator every morning. Getting into HIS word gives me the mindset to get my day started on the right track. Then I know, good or bad, I’ve got the power to face anything that comes my way.

Dr. Hicks-Houston was asked, "What have you overcome in your life, that when you think back, has helped you to NOW Move Powerfully?":

When I first wanted to become a Dental Hygienist it was very hard for a minority to enter a program in California dental schools. So it took me about 10 years before I decided to get into a hygiene program at a HBC (Historically Black College) in Nashville, Tennessee. Getting my degree and my career choice enabled me to improve on my quality of life for myself and daughter. When working on patients and mentoring high school intern students, I found that by opening up conversation on things other than oral health I was able to help and encourage in other areas. We talked about books, movies, scholarship resources, career opportunities and anything else that I could help with. This was me [Moving] Powerfully.

"What are your thoughts on the growing homeless population in and around Los Angeles?"

Homelessness is very up front in everyone’s mind today especially when you see it every where. The solution to the problem is very complicated. But thanks to WMP, they have an action plan in place that will at least address the hygiene and other needs of a local population.

"How are you connected to THE MOVEMENT and what do you think about WMP?"

I met Ms. Boothe just before she was leaving California on her way to college. I admired her tenacity and endurance in her studies. I was impressed by her commitment to GOD and community. So I was not surprised, but happy, when I received the information on her [community project], Women Moving Powerfully. Of course this is her calling and describing herself. Helping by doing and being an example for others to follow.

Women Move Powerfully greatly appreciates your contributions Dr. Hicks-Houston both to this MOVEMENT and your 31 years of service at the Watts Health Care Corporation in the City of Watts, CA!

Dr. Hicks-Houston your prestige service to the low income community will forever be unmatched! Your level of expertise, knowledge shared and your quality time spent with those who are often times made to feel rushed along, underserved, disadvantaged and poverty-stricken spoke to your sincerity and genuineness in making sure your patients felt they truly mattered.

Dr. Hicks-Houston, Thank You for your phenomenal continuity of care within the Watts community and its surrounding regions! Thank You for the many lives you've impacted in such a special way! Even though you are retired, you continue to Move Powerfully in your day to day!

WMP Salutes Your paving the way for many in the Black and Brown community! You have blessed so many men, women and children and we extend a heartfelt thanks! 💜


Dr. Hicks-Houston is pictured wearing her #WMP T-Shirt W/ White logo & Classic Signature #WMP Tote W/ Black logo PROUDLY and we love how she's REPRESENTING... while Moving Powerfully!!!

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