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Meet A Woman Who Moves Powerfully: Cheriss! 💜

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


Meet Certified Culinary Chef, Substance Use Counselor and Mommy from Compton, CA - residing in Victorville, CA, Cheriss!

Cheriss is a huge supporter of the Women Move Powerfully Movement ✝ and has been an enthusiast of The Movement prior to its' debut.

Here's what Cheriss recently shared when asked, "What does Women Moving Powerfully mean to you?"

Women Moving Powerfully means that women are strong minded conquerors! We are constantly on the move, no matter what you do for a living. We make sacrifices everyday for our families.

When asked, "How do you Move Powerfully?" Cheriss responded:

I believe I move powerfully for my five children; they’re my motivation to strive more throughout life. [I am constantly] showing and instilling into my children's minds to never depend on the next person! [I teach my children to] stand strong and be independent.

What are your thoughts on The WMP Movement? Cheriss shared:

I love the outstanding recognition for women! It has been a huge transition over the past couple [of] decades for [women to be more recognized]. I cannot wait to be [more involved] in The Movement and be able to [see all the] changed lives.

What are your thoughts on homelessness? Cheriss responded:

My thoughts on homelessness... I believe it’s a sad situation that should not be overlooked. More resources should be [created] to help [those] that are in need; as a community, [working together], I believe it can definitely work.

Final thoughts & words of encouragement - Cheriss shared:

Women are doing so much world wide... To the ones that [are] unseen and not heard just know somebodies watching! …just know that you are doing a phenomenal job, keep elevating and staying beautiful QUEENS!

Cheriss has been Moving Powerfully as a Certified Culinary Chef for over 10 years - her specialty is creole with Italian fusions!

In 2019, Cheriss put her culinary work on hold to return back to school to become a Substance Use Counselor. With a heart to help others, Cheriss became a Substance Use Counselor to help individuals struggling with recovery.

As a person of faith, Cheriss believes it is a blessing to be a guiding light to help others stay on the right track!

Women Move Powerfully greatly appreciates your constant support, Cheriss!

Keep letting your light shine before man so others may see your good works and give glory to The FATHER in heaven - Matthew 5:16

Again, Thank You for all that you do and the many ways you are Moving Powerfully!

We Salute you and extend a heartfelt thanks! 💜

Cheriss is pictured wearing her #WMP T-Shirt W/ Grey logo & Signature #WMP Tote W/ Black logo PROUDLY!

We love how Cheriss is REPRESENTING... while Moving Powerfully!!!

Click on a photo to open up the image.

Photo credit: Starr Swift of Swift Productions LLC.

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